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I sat at my work station and this was the result, I really didn't know where it came from as it is not something I would typically paint, but it just flowed out of me one afternoon.

I was talking to my twin sister, Giulia in Spain that evening.

I explained the latest painting I was doing and she started to ask me all kinds of questions about what it was , where it was, how did I come to be painting this theme, because that very day she had driven by the most beautiful field near Barcelona, the wind was blowing the tall grass as the sun was setting, a small copse was growing on the left hand side in the distance and poppy's were dotted around towards the near left.

I had painted exactly what she had been looking at but in a mirror image before she had the chance to tell me about it!!!!

Giulia and I have had our fair share of "Twin Things" this though is the first time Ive used her eyes to paint a picture from the other side of the planet!

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