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The guardians of the beach and Plumeria Sunset

Monkey pod trees in the Hale Koa Hotel Park in front of the beach


Syd, AKA the Squid and I swim most mornings at this beach.

We try to get here before the tourists have finished their breakfast so its not too crowded.

Sydney is just over a year old and a bouncing ball of bulldog fun, after our swim and her roll around in the sand we go to Duke Paoa Kahanamoku Park. It is cool and shady, the grass is always damp with dew. The occasional runner with music plugged into their heads goes jogging by, not noticing how amazing the Monkey pod trees are.

I let Syd sniff in the bushes as I study the different trees, all so unique.

The two trees in the painting are actually standing right in front of the beach, they are like dark sentinels, guardians, the moisture in the air turning their bark dark brown even black in the shadows.

Oil on Canvas

48' x 12'



Hawaiian sunsets are divine, imagine the smell of these blooms with a light breeze blowing, an assault on all your senses!

Oil on Canvas

45' x 15'

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