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"Beer Can Races" Ala Wai Boat Harbor -Waikiki Yacht Club

Latest Painting Oil on Canvas

I painted this very roughly a few months ago and have been revisiting it every once in a while but last week whilst watching the yacht race the light was so fantastic that I just had to start all over again and this is what I came up with.

Every Friday evening about 30 boats take off racing, a different course every week, sometimes towards Diamond Head and sometimes in the direction of Ewa beach, it all depends on the wind.

These 2 hour sails are called "The Beer Can races" tiny boats compete against huge racers, twice as fast as the rest of the competitors, yet they are handicapped in such a way that although they start 30 minutes before the racing yachts, the small boats often end up in front coming back into the harbor!


I would like to know if you enjoyed looking at this painting, Please drop me a line, all my work is for sale

Thank you.


Painted on my Cintiq Pro - Oil on Canvas - Acrylic gel .


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